Within our daily lives we are exposed to a multitude of stimuli which can potentially effects our arousal levels and internal states be it both positive and negative. The stimuli which cause these changes are often found within specific environments and activities and so this study investigates how our arousal levels alter based on our geographic location and whether it is possible to identify consistent locations or arousal.

To investigate how these levels alter based on location a visualization tool has been created which enables individuals to explore their movements and arousal levels creating annotated stories of the events and environments that caused these physiological changes.


At present the majority of the tools we use within our lives have little or no understanding of the context in which they are placed and the effect that this environment may have on the user themselves. Within this project I therefore wished to explore the possibility of using EDA as a means to create more considerate tools that can adapt to the user and their needs.

As an initial experiment I have therefore focused on mapping EDA and geographic location in an attempt to identify environments that may cause changes in arousal levels be this positive or negative. If this is successful then further work can be potentially pursued focusing on creating tailored maps and routes based on the users needs.