The prototype system has been developed with a variety of programming languages in order to create a web based visualization tool which allows users to combine both GPS and EDA readings within a single a interface.

The tool allows users to easily view their geographical movements within an area and explore how their individual EDA levels alter. To use the tool the user must first record a GPS track either using the specifically developed Android software or any commercial tool which produces a GPX track. These recordings can then be uploaded to the tool where they are synchronized and visualized in the form of KML tracks.


As a scalable platform input data is combined within a GIS Postgresql database which enables users to query the data set in a variety of ways. Having this centralized data store it has been possible to effectively filter and extract aggregated data. This approach is used in the automatic identification of the peaks and troughs of the user selected data and the calculation of event gradients.

This approach makes the tool scalable as it provides further users the ability to interrogate the data and potentially add additional graphing capabilities.

The tool is self supporting and can be interacted with at:

(Tags are hidden by default and can be enabled by selecting a track and the 'Show Comments' option)