Monthly Archives: February 2016

Magic in the Wild


At a local video game store, I found the Xbox 360 game “Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4.”  Here, the displayed message connects the concept of the Harry Potter stories as a world of wizards and witches with the experience one attains by constructing a fantastical world with Legos.

Magic in the Wild? (on my desk)

imageHere is the “Magic” Mouse, which my company has given to me. Its appearance(smooth & seamless) makes me always wonder how it works…but it does a great job, indeed. In this context, the word of “magic” means that you can never figure out exactly how it happens, I assume.

Magic at the Super Bowl!

I know I already posted but I got excited when I saw this. Axe find your magic advertisement during the Super Bowl! This add features quirks of different people to express individuality. The phrase “find your magic” uses the word magic to suggest something special that stands out against others.

Magic in the wild!

Magic Trackpad

I wanted a mouse for my desk so my dad gave me this (bad?) apple trackpad. I actually never noticed it was called a Magic Trackpad until this assignment. But of course Apple needs to distinguish it’s trackpad from others. I think the name makes sense, this is a very simple device that appears as if it doesn’t do much of anything. However, although it seems mundane, it does posses hidden qualities unknown until you use it.