The great 2017 MAS111: Introduction to Research in Media Arts and Sciences scavenger hunt

Fridays, 3-5pm, E15-341

V. Michael Bove, Jr., E15-448, x3-0334, vmb (at) media (dot) mit (dot) edu

This syllabus will be updated from time to time throughout the term so please check back regularly!

Grading Information: This class is graded P/D/F. To pass, at minimum you must attend (and participate in) 2/3 or more of the class sessions, and do the final presentation.

10 February: Research

17 February: Resources: There's a whole world out there beyond Google!

24 February: Ethics in research

3 March: IP

10 March: What's "peer review," anyway? And what about non-peer-reviewed publications (like the Web)?

17 March: Special presentation/activity (To be announced)

24 March: Staying safe

31 March: NO CLASS (Spring Break)

7 April: The Fine Art of the Demo

14 April: How to Present Your Work

21 April

28 April

5 May

12 May