MAS630 Fall 2013: Final Projects

Sky Tien-Yun Huang:

Artem Dementyev:
Detection and analysis of smoking events with wrist-worn sensors
[Final report] [Slides] [Data] [Dust Sensor Design]

David Nunez:
Affective Animation of a Simulated Robot: A Formative Study
[Simulation Software (OS X)] [slides]

Julie Legault & Sam Spaulding:
Factors influencing EDA during Narrative Experiences

Ben Bloomberg & Philippa Mothersill:
Expressive Speech Bubbles [Report Slides (pptx)] [Report Slides (pdf - if can't view pptx)] [Experimental Materials] [Results]

Jen Groff & Trung Tran:
Exploring the Nature of Affect, Confusion and EDA in Learning Game Play

Rebecca Kleinberger & Jacqueline Kory:
Social agent or machine? An exploration of the framing of a robot affects prosodic mimicry and expressivity [Slides] [Materials] [Video clips] [Audio results]