W – Microwave of the Future

What is “W”?

“W” is a science fiction design concept of a high-end microwave that comes from the not-too-distant future.

What does the microwave of the future look like?

The W uses a revolutionary user interface to tell the hungry user everything he or she would like to know about a food item that is placed in the microwave.  No more buttons or dials on the microwave, W gets rid of these nuisances and will automatically calculate the optimal time required to heat or cook food to perfection!

What else?

The W can access the internet to give the user recipes and calorie information about a food item, video cooking guides and more!

Safety is our top concern–so we’ve designed W to identify materials that are not microwave safe.  If the item placed in the microwave is unsafe, our device will refuse to cook until the object is taken out.

Technical info:

  • Designed in Rhino 3D
  • Wood material
  • iPad Mini for UI overlay
  • Vuforia opensource library from Qualcomm for object recognition
  • Openframeworks user interface

First prototypes

W Photo 1

W Photo 5

Design and prototype by

Ermal Dreshaj

Sang-won Leigh