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Our vision has a deep nostalgia for the complexity of the design that was produced through more than three thousands years of cultural evolution that today seems to be forgotten by dry automatization processes of fabrication. Following this vision we ask the question if digital fabrication and computer aided design can enhance the practice of design or we have simply lost the appreciation for beauty?

Rapto Preserpina – Bernini

We envision a future in which construction workers are equipped with wearable devices that enable precise, digitally controlled fabrication. Constructors may fill different roles: some may add material blocks while others may intricately carve and detail sections of a structure, still others may enact specialized roles like routing capillary channels through structures to add functionality to structural elements.

In this project we present one instantiation of such a device: a prosthetic milling arm with an augmented display helmet.

Constructors wear a safety helmet with an integrated augmented display. The display gives real-time feedback to constructors as to what parts of the building or structure need to be modified.

The arm’s 3D position may be tracked by globally-positioned optical sensors.