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   Date Title + Speaker Assignments + Readings
   Feb 2 
Class 1
Introduction to Ambient Intelligence
Pattie Maes
slides from class 1
Feb 9
Class 2
Intelligence Augmentation + Software Agents
Pattie Maes
Maes, P., Schneiderman, B., "Direct Manipulation vs. Interface Agents: a Debate." Interactions, 4 Number 6, ACM Press, 1997 
The Wearable Remembrance Agent: A system for augmented memory, Rhodes optional:
Ambient Intelligence, Fraunhofer Institute
Ambient Intelligence in Home Lab, Philips Research

Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010
slides from class 2

Feb 16 
Class 3
Location Based + Context-Aware Systems: Pattie Maes + students  required:  
A survey of Context-aware Mobile Computing Research by Chen & Kotz
Context-aware computing applications by Want et al
1. City & museum tour guides - Christine & Nick
Hippie: A Nomadic Information System, Oppermann et al, Proceedings of the 1st
international symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
Cyberguide by Abowd et al
GUIDE project by Cheverst, Davies, et al

2. Virtual Graffiti systems/Location Based Messaging
Hanging Messages, Chang
ComMotion, Marmasse
Etherthreads, Lassey
Mobile cinema, P. Pan
Geonotes, Persson etal
UCSD ActiveCampus

3. Memory systems
Forget-me-not Mick Lamming Europarc

Urban Tapestries: Wireless networking, public authoring and social knowledge, Giles Lane1
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, July 2003

slides from class 3
Geonotes, Persson etal - Francis  slides
UCSD ActiveCampus - Francis  slides  
hippie + cyberguide slides
Feb 23
Class 4
Interfaces with Common Sense
Invited speakers:
Hugo Liu + Pushpinder Singh + Pallavi Kaushik
Beating some Common Sense into Interactive Applications, Lieberman et. Al.
   Selected readings on Interfaces with Common Sense (Lieberman)
Selected readings from IUI Proceedings
   slides: slides from class 4 / mp3
Mar 2
Class 5
 Ubiquitous Computing 
Pattie Maes + students
Ubiquitous Computing, Weiser, 1993
Perspectives article for ACM Interactions, Weiser 1993
The coming age of calm technology, Weiser & Seely Brown, 1996
Some computer science issues in ubiquitous computing, Weiser 1993
Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing
GD Abowd, ED Mynatt, 2000
Selection from UbiComp Proceedings last 5 years
slides: slides from class 5
          slides from Aaron Zinman and Sajid Sadi
Mar 9
Class 6
User Modeling, Personalization + Recommender Systems
Pattie Maes + students
Alfred Kobsa, Generic User Modeling Systems, User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, v.11 n.1-2, p.49-63, 2001
slides: slides from class 6
Mar 16
Class 7
Tangible + Ambient Interfaces
Pattie Maes + students
Tangible Bits, Ishii + Ullmer, CHI97   [presentation]  [videos]
check out website Tangible Media Group
Minna, Amy & Edison
papers by H. Ishii see class website for all the links

“Slow Technology”, Hallnas & Redstrom
Personal + Ubiquitous Computing Journal Vol 8 Nr 5 Special Issue on Tangible Computing
Ambient Interfaces: Design Challenges and Recommendations”, Fraunhofer Institute
Cohen & McGee, Tangible Multi-modal Interfaces 
Mobile Feelings, Sommerer + Laurent Mignonneau
Forget Me Not
Mar 23  NO CLASS (Spring Vacation) 
  Mar 30
Class 8
Augmented Reality/Mixed Realities 
Pattie Maes + students
Augmented Reality: A New Way of Seeing, Steven K. Feiner, 2002
Introduction to Augmented Reality by J. Vallino
Designing interactive paper
Presence Journal special issue on AR, 1997
Wellner, P. The DigitalDesk Calculator: Tangible Manipulation on a Desk Top Display, Proceedings of UIST'91, 1991, 27-33 
The Perceptive Workbench: Toward Spontaneous and Natural Interaction
in SemiImmersive Virtual Environments (2000)
Bastian Leibe, Thad Starner
EnhancedDesk and EnhancedWall: Augmented Desk and
Wall Interfaces, Nakanishi et al 
Interactivedesk, Johnson, W., Jellinek, H., Klotz, L. and Card, S. Bridging the Paper and Electronic Worlds: The Paper User Interface, Proceedings of INTERCHI'93, 1993, 507-512 
"Listen reader" - an electronically augmented paper-based book 
The Escritoire: A personal projected display for interacting with documents (2002) Mark Ashdown
Steve Feiner's work, eg project "Karma" 
CACM Special issue on AR, 1993, Vol 36, #7 
Animated & Electronic Paper Experiments (e.g. Wellner)
Apr 6
Class 9
The Meaning of Things 
Invited Speaker:  Judith Donath
"The meaning of Things", Csikszentmihalyi 
"The Cultural Biography of Things", I. Kopytov
"Culture and Consumption", "Mc Gracken, G 
"The Social Life of Things" Apadurai, A.
Apr 13
Class 10
Embedded Intelligence/Smart Objects
Pattie Maes + students
Tutorial on RFID technology      
Objects with embedded sensors, computation, & networking 
Sensor & Actuator Networks, Special Issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing, Oct 2003 
Mobility, Service Discovery, Auto Configuration and Ad-Hoc Networking
Disappearing Hardware, R. Want et. Al. IEEE Pervasive Computing
Interactive and experiential design in smart textile products and applications by Baurley, Personal + Ubiquitous Computing Journal, July 2004
The Emotional Wardrobe, Lisa Stead1, Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous computing, July 2004
The Evolution of Objects Into Hyper-Objects: Will It Be Mostly Harmless?, Irene Mavrommati1 and Achilles Kameas
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, July 2003
Apr 20
Class 11
Intelligent Environments
Pattie Maes + students

Georgia Tech Aware Home Project
Stanford iRoom Project
MIT Media Lab smart rooms project:  Pentland, Smart Rooms, Scientific American, Vol 274 +
MIT CSAIL Ogygen project + Aire (Agent-based Intelligent Reactive Environments) research group: +
MIT House-N
Philips Home Lab Project
Apr 27
Class 12
Pervasive Computing + Wearables
Pattie Maes + students
Pervasive Computing Handbook, U. Hansmann 
Me++, W. Mitchell
Papers from IEEE pervasive computing journal
Wearable Computing Papers, MIT, CMU, UNC, Sony CSL
Special issue on Context-Aware Computing, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2002
Context-based city & museum tour guides  (Abowd, Cheverst, Reinhard, Petrelli)
Pervasive Computing 
Reminder systems (Rhodes, Pentland & Devaul, Lamming...)  
 “Virtual Graffiti" systems (Geonotes, HangingMessages, Ether Threads)
CoolTown video
CoolTown paper
SmartDust paper
May 4 NO CLASS: 
Kresge event + sponsor week
  May 11
Class 13