Friday Oct. 1, Fred Martin 0

Hacking with Robots ‘n’ Microcontrollers — The Last 50 Years and Beyond
Fred Martin, UMASS Lowell Read more »

DFE Extended 0

DFE:X is an extension of the Design for Empowerment class offered at the MIT Media Lab that is open to anyone. Read more »

Tuesday, Sept. 28, Empowering Who? 1

Reading discussion lead by David.

Assignments for Tuesday Sept. 21 14

Post a comment on this page listing the dates and titles of three classes you are interested in leading discussions for, ranked in order of preference. Read more »

Short Essay Assignment 12

Due: Friday, September 24th at 5:00pm
Post your essay as a comment to this page. Read more »

Assignments for Tuesday Sept. 14 0

Fill out the course survey.

Complete the Anderson and Carr readings and come to class prepared for lively discussion. Look at the discussion guide, which explains how to focus your reading and prepare for discussions. See the syllabus for reading details.

Design for Empowerment, Fall 2010 0

Technology is increasingly shaped and developed by everyday people who design, build, and hack their own devices, and the goal of this class is to understand, contribute to, and support these creative communities. We will focus on tools that enable non-experts to design and build computational and electronic artifacts. Along the way we will investigate software toolkits, hardware toolkits, open-source technologies, fabrication processes, and new manufacturing and distribution models.

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