Crafting Material Interfaces

Lecture Notes

Arduino Piano code

Code for the capacitive sensing piano shown in this video:

Slides from Guest Lecture on Jamming

Nadia Cheng and Steven Keating’s presentation on jammed granular systems

Code to transmit and receive an array of values

Arduino code


ModKit is a graphical, blocks-based programming language for Arduinos developed by a team led by Ed Baafi. Download a version for Macs here and a version for PCs here. Installation instructions, Mac OS Unzip and open the ModKitMac folder. You should see a single icon that looks like this: Double click on the file [...]

Graph + Sound code

Libraries you’ll need:

Processing Code to Graph Arduino Sensor Data

Sensors: Slides and Helpful Material

Leah’s slides NanWei’s slides

Conductor Assignments Helpful Links and Information

A diagram of the electronic components Dave introduced, click for a larger view:

Slides: Conductors

Download here

Slides: Introduction

Download here