Week 2 (Due Thursday, September 14th @ noon), Responses

Week 3 (Due Thursday, September 21st @ noon), Responses

Week 4 (Due Tuesday, September 26th @ noon ): Send an email to about your team and the tentative idea of your project.

First Design Project (Presentation on Friday, Oct 6th in the class)

Design a prototype of a novel memory augmentation or memory enhancement system. On Friday 10/6 we expect you to make a slide presentation in class (roughly 10 minutes) that covers the following:

* what memory problem are you focused on
* who is your target audience (e.g. average joe, students, group with specific memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s)
* read up on the problem, issues, underlying causes, etc
* research and report any other solutions proposed especially digital ones
* design a novel system that may help & explain how it would work
* present a detailed user scenario of how the target user(s) would use this over time

Given that this is a 2-0-7 course, you should plan to spend at least 14 hours on this, i.e. we expect you to go into some depth but no implementation is needed.

Week 5 (Due Thursday, October 12th @ noon), Responses

Week 6 (Due Thursday, October 19th @ noon) , Responses

Week 8  (Due Thursday, Nov 16th @noon), Responses

Week 9 (Due Thursday, Nov 30th @noon )