Crafting Material Interfaces

Final Project

Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Woven Sensors and Simulation

GOAL As part of my final project, and in working from the same warp as the Thermochromic Upholstery,  I was interested in developing a series of textiles whose sensing capabilities are inherent in the construction of the material. In the final working sample, I used a construction called deflected double weave, which allows for areas of [...]

Breathing Lantern

Clay craft kit

Overview According to the Labor Department’s Workplace projections for 2018, nine of the 10 fastest-growing occupations that require at least a bachelor’s degree will require significant scientific or mathematical training. Some of the largest increases will be in engineering- and computer-related fields in which women currently only hold one-quarter or fewer of the jobs. Gender [...]

Modular Pnuematic Facade System (MPFS)

By Daekwon Park and Woongki Sung Modular Pneumatic Façade System (MPFS), attempts to juxtapose key characteristics of biological design (modularity, robustness, homeostasis, and adaptive) with smart technologies (material, sensor, actuation, and control) in order to create a kinetic façade system that respond and interact with its environment in real-time.

Thermochromic Textiles

Dena Molnar and Nicole Tariverdian Question:What role can textiles and interiors play in informing us about exterior conditions? Goal: To create a series of textiles that are augmented by exterior conditions like weather or temperature.

Towards the Training of Nitinol, the execution thereof, and subsequent integration into paperish artifacts of various kinds.

Sam Jacoby Nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium, has some wild phase-change properties. Beneath a certain threshold temperature, the atoms align in such a fashion, as to make the metal soft and ductile. Once heated, though, the alloy moves out of this martensite phase, and into a rigid austentite phase. “Training” nitinol sets this [...]

Interactive Plaques (“I will always be with you”)


Magnetic Loading of Wood

By Oz and Timothee

Conductive Wallpaper as Firebreaker

Project Building on my earlier interest in productive conductive papers, I decided to try creating a conductive embroidered circuit on paper, that would be a smaller scale development towards a larger-scale wallpaper that will function also as a fire breaker. The paper ideally will also have thermochromic properties.