New Textiles 2012


My final project for the New Textiles class was inspired by the idea of telepresence, a word coined by the great Malvin Minsky. According to him, technologies are evolving to perfect the idea of telepresence, making it fit naturally in daily life. The premise for my project is simple, my loved one is moving away, [...]

[update] talking bunnies

My final project is in full swing right now. There have been many challenges toward completing this project that I’m working to overcome. At the current stage of my project, I’ve accomplished several things. 1. I am able to connect my Wiflys to the internet, and it is able to get information from websites. In [...]

lace pendant necklace

In this week’s assignment, I continued to experiment with knit structures but in an untraditional sense. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a demo session by Felicia Davis (Design Computation-MIT) on 3d-print knit structures. During the demo, we used Rhino to model a knit structure which can be 3d printed. [...]

knit experiments

This week, I tried out some pattern knitting techniques on the knitting machine. I found that casting on is quite a challenge, depends a lot on the tension of the yarn, and also on the type of yarn. The thick, white yarn is especially hard to cast on, for example. However, after some practice, I [...]


Those who are in long distance relationships realize the need for a more tangible way to communicate with their special person.  I want to create a comfortable and natural way to do so. One way to make this kind of intimate communication is through the use of small, stuffed animals. I came up with this [...]

voronoi flower

This week I explored the creative process of creating voronois through code and materiality. I created several patterns through using the Fortune’s Algorithm, which essentially sweeps a line across a place of points and draws parabolas between the points. A parabola is equidistant from one of the points, and the place that the parabolas intersect [...]

experiments with latex and silicone casting

For this week’s assignment I decided to try out several experiments with the latex and silicone as tools for making non woven textiles. The first thing I made is a simple rectangular piece with an LED embedded inside. I used conductive tape for the two ends of the LED and cast it inside the silicone. [...]


A “wallflower” is someone who is shy, and who no one really knows. But that person can be some of the most interesting people we have ever met. This project is a tribute to those seemingly shy, yet extraordinarily interesting people. The materials I used to make this installation include felt, 2-ply paper, heat-bound paper, about 8 [...]

gamer’s glove

A glove that can be programmed to respond differently to touch can be wonderful for games. If you have ever played the game “Red Light, Green Light” you’ll know that having something visual during the game play can help the process go smoother and add another element of fun and creativity to the game. Similarly, [...]

electroWave || color changing sleeve

For this project I created a sleeve that changes color in the pattern of an electrical wave when a voltage is applied. The idea for the pattern came from a cartoon-y vision I have of a beam of electricity passing through the body. The first step is to estimate the amount of current that will [...]