New Textiles 2012

Lecture Notes

Voronoi Diagram Tutorial

A voronoi diagram is a planar graph that has unique properties.The diagram consists of the partitioning of a plane with  points into convex polygons such that each polygon contains exactly generating point and every point in a given polygon is closer to its generating point than to any other. Voronoi diagrams are very efficient ways [...]

Manipulate a Drawn Shape Code

Code that you can use to manipulate a vector image. The image must be in the .svg format (here it’s called shape.svg) and should be in the same folder as the code. import processing.pdf.*; PShape s; void setup() { s = loadShape(“shape.svg”); size(500, 500); //set the size of the window (& the pdf document) smooth(); [...]

Simple Graph Code

Simple Graphing Calculator Code

LSystem Code

General L System Code:

Random Tree Code

A tree generator that includes randomness.

Nonwovens, Flims, and Composites

Nonwoven: An assembly of textile fibers held together by mechanical interlocking

Shape Memory Alloys & MOSFETs

An introduction to shape memory alloys and MOSFETs. Download slides here.

Resistive Sensors and Voltage Dividers

An introduction to voltage dividers and resistive sensors. Download slides here.

Sensors Introduction

An overview of resistive sensors and textile-based resistive sensors. Download slides here.

Resistive Sensor Assignment Arduino Code

int sensorPin = A5;