New Textiles 2012

3d Printed Fabric – Solomon Knots

For this project I chose to model a woven fabric. The design I chose is called a Solomon knot. The 3d model was constructed in Rhino using a virtual peg board, similar to how one would be used in real life. The path of the yarn was mapped using control points, and image of the [...]

Cast Knitting

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 This project uses knitting as a soft structure, that is given form then hardened. The knitting is done usung a circular knitting machine, tightened at both ends to make a small knit pouch. A small balloon is then inserted and inflated inside this pouch. This makes the knit fabric taught and [...]

Final Project Proposal MDS

UPDATES ———->   progress presentation This proposal is to create a wearable silicone skin, embedded with flex sensors and pneumatic actuators. The skin would follow the contour of the body, using an origami formwork to cast the silicone rubber. The origami’s two way system would be mapped onto the body to maximize the input and output [...]

laser cut lace – delauney on voronoi

This assignment took different point clouds to generate voronoi and delauney diagrams. These diagrams were then given a local offset, relative to the size of the cell, to generate a changing thickness. Finally since the voronoi diagram and the delauney diagram are inversions of each other, diagrams made from the same point cloud can be [...]

Shape changing textile – paper slug

For this assignment I decided to use paper as a textile, and nitinol wire as an actuator. Using origami techniques I created a pleated cylinder, that would compress and decompress as syncopated spurts of current were allowed to move through the different lengths of nitinol wire threaded through the structure.

Eco-flex Resistor

(Eco)Flex Resistor In this project I attempted to fabricate my own silicone rubber flex resistor. Mixing different concentrations of carbon fibers and graphite powder into a Platunim Cure Silicone Rubber I was able to make a soft resistor that would change its Resistance according to bending and/or pressure applied to it. Tested concentrations Carbon fiber: 2.5 phr [...]

Color Changing Textile

YellowGreen Tree This project consists of a circuit made with stainless steel yarn. The Yarn is threaded through the fabric to form the silhouette of a tree and the fabric is then painted green, using blue thermochromic paint, yellow acrylic and fabric medium. When The circuit is completed and the yarn heats up, the blue disappears [...]