New Textiles 2012



The past two weeks, I spent a lot of time learning to operate a knitting machine. After many cast-on / cast-off failures, I finally managed to hone my skills. Through this weeks assignment, I worked on several different pieces. The first was provided as part of the assignment construction. I used the fine guage knitting [...]

pearls and extra thread 3D stiches

knit pattern meanings 10 stitches across of each patter will be shown at minimum, more if needed for pattern pattern spacing for readability 1 leave hook in knit position 0 pull hook all the way forward > move stitch one to the right < move stitch one to the left ….. continue pattern x# number [...]

Knitting Machine Sign-Ups

Sign up for a time to attend a knitting machine tutorial as well as times to use the knitting machine on Friday 3/23, Friday 4/6, and Monday 4/9. Note: additional days TBA. Access the spreadsheet here.

Knitting Assignment

Due: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 For this assignment you will create two knit pieces, one by following an existing pattern and one by developing your own pattern. Part 1. Create a knit swatch from the following pattern: Cast on 20 needles. Knit 10 rows. Carriage should be on right side. Make sure carriage is in [...]