New Textiles 2012

Shape Changing Textile

Paper lungs

I decided to call this project “paper lungs” since the way piece of origami contracts and expands with the motion of the nitinol wire reminds me of lungs. To amplify the subtle motion of nitinol wire, I folded a chevron patterned origami piece that cooperatively expands or contracts in both the horizontal and vertical directions [...]

Swatch It.

Do you…
Think swatches are really cool?
Find it painful to have to lift each swatch piece yourself when you are using a swatch board?
Wish there was some way to utilize swatches to make an interactive piece of art?

Curling flower

My idea for the Shape Memory Alloy assignment was to make a curling flower that would react to light by opening up.  I started by making several prototype petals to see how well my idea would work. I experimented with fabric and paper petals and used a power supple to test how well they curled. Testing Fabric [...]

Shape Changing Textile

Due: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 For this assignment you will create a shape-changing textile, controlled by an Arduino.