Nonwoven, Film, or Composite

by buechley

Due: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make a piece of flexible nonwoven fabric at least 6″x6″ (~15cm x 15cm) with some noteworthy characteristic. (An unusual blend of materials, interesting structural characteristics, embedded circuitry, special electrical properties, …?) We’ll focus on casting silicone and latex rubber in class.

Jenny Leary, from FerroFabric, who gave a guest lecture to our class last year, designed a lovely series of latex-based “magnetic” fabrics that might serve as inspiration:

Jenny Leary

Here’s an example cast silicone project by James Leng from the 2010 iteration of this class. You can find documentation on this project and others here.

And here is an embedded circuitry experiment (electronics and latex) by former High-Low Tech graduate student Hannah Perner-Wilson:

Create a post that documents your project. Make sure to add your post to the the Nonwoven category. Your page should include:

  • a paragraph or two describing your project
  • pictures of your work in progress
  • at least one picture of your completed project
  • a short video of your completed project if it is interactive or dynamic

Bring your project to class on the 13th for demos!