Hot Fold

by nwp

I wanted to make something that would bloom. I used some folding patterns developed by Ron Resch and simplified them into a unit. Below is the diagram.

Folding lamp Matrix

I used did a series of tests to determine what the best stitch pattern for a shrinking flexinol wire. These are the diagrams:

Folding lamp Stitch

These are series of tests

The Flexinal had a 6 ohm resistance. I placed 3 1 ohm resisters in series to reduce the current by 9 ohms total in order to not burn out the wire with the 3.7 V battery. The wire only requires 2.2 Volts to recoil.

After completing the circuit and testing all of the traces, I loaded the code. Excited to see it working, I pressed the switch with the USB still attach to the Arduino board pumping 5 volts through the circuit and burning out the wire immediately.

Here is the video as it stands, a vapid flower.


To be continued.