Re-Link Bracelet

by nwp

The re-link Bracelet is a simple investigation into a repeatable link module that can chained together to produce a textile with multiple axes of flexure. I started by looking at the interlocking geometries of a single loop using line geometry in Rhino and the “pipe” command to give it thickness. I progressed from 1 link to 2 links, to 3 links within a single module by adding twists.

The final outcome is rendered as a fine resolution 1/16th inch thick tube link that twists 2 times to form a 1.5″ x 7″ x 1/4″ textile.

I used at Dimension 3-D printer with a white ABS plastic. We have access to one that costs 5$ per cubic inch of printed material so it was roughly 13 bucks. The total print took 12 hours and produced a hypbrid structure. The photos below show the support structure before the print is placed in an aggetator chemical bath.

After 3 hours in the chemical bath, the textile was pure ABS. It proved to has some ridges due to the layered printing. This rough edge caused some unexpected friction resulting in a tendency to twist into a helical cord.

Here is it is shown as its intended mother’s day bracelet, but I think I would like to make another iteration before sending this out into the world.