MAS622J/1.126J Fall 2006: Final Projects

Meredith Gerber:
The Effect of Feature Selection on Classification of High Dimensional Data

Jun Ki Lee:
Intrinsic Rewards for Reinforcement Learning

Hyun Sung Chang:
Non-parametric Classification of Facial Features

Mark Feldmeier:
pdf:Predictors for Human Temperature Comfort
html:Predictors for Human Temperature Comfort

Aisha Walcott:
Classification of Complex Robot Swarm Behaviors

Cheng Zhi (Anna) Huang:
Arm Gestures for Human Robot Interaction

Rita Souza, Manu Gupta:
Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Robot Interaction

Paulina Modlitba, Aaron Zinman:
MySpace Spam Filter

Mihir Sarkar:
Tabla Strokes Recognition

Matt Adcock, Jeevan Kalanithi, Daniel Smalley, Brandon Taylor:
Bar of Soap
Website to check for future updates of this project (beyond 12-15-06):Bar of Soap

Jeff Orkin:
Speech Act Classification of Video Game Data

Ben Aisen:
A Comparison of Multiclass SVM Methods

Luis Blackaller, Sanghoon Lee, Manas Mittal:
Plug Sense

Jaewoo Chung, Taemie Kim, Akshay Mohan:
Automatic Segmentation of High-Noise Audio