New Textiles 2012

A Dress that Breathes

As a continuation of my project from the moving textile assignment, I made a dress with fabric origami panels that are actuated by nitinol shape memory wire. The repetitive contracting and expanding motion of the panels is reminiscent of breathing. The panels are made in a pair to mimic anatomical lungs. I created a pattern [...]

Project Update

My plan is to make a dress with fabric origami panels that will be actuated with nitinol to create the illusion of breathing. I will make two panels for the front of the bodice of the dress. To add to the theme of respiration, I will add laser cut voronoi lace to the skirt of [...]

3D printed “knitting”

This is my first 3D designed and printed object, so I tried a basic textile design featuring rows of interlocked loops, reminiscent of a knitted textile. I used SolidWorks, a 3D CAD design software popular among engineers and designers. First, I made a single “stitch”. Then I made an assembly of these stitch parts in [...]

Topological Knitting

I was fascinated by creating 3D knit structures with interesting topologies on a knitting machine, and wanted to see if I could create 3D structures by hand. Most hand knitting that I have done creates surfaces with some texture, but not with 3D protrusions. Here, I have experimented with a few techniques. With the knitting [...]

A Garment That Breathes

For the final project, I will expand on my project from the moving textile assignment. I folded a collapsable structure with paper and used nitinol shaped like a spring to expand and collapse the structure as the current is switched on and off. The resulting motion made the paper structure look like it was breathing, [...]

Scaled, Rotated, Translated

I made a tank top with laser cut iron-on lace. The same pattern, created computationally from a Voronoi diagram generator, was laser cut out of iron-on adhesive backed fabric three times in different sizes and ironed on the front of the shirt in different rotation positions.

Composite Variations

This week I made three composite textiles using a duplication polymer that is mostly used in dentistry. I also use this polymer to make many of the samples I use in my research, so I thought it would be fun to use it in new and experimental ways.

Paper lungs

I decided to call this project “paper lungs” since the way piece of origami contracts and expands with the motion of the nitinol wire reminds me of lungs. To amplify the subtle motion of nitinol wire, I folded a chevron patterned origami piece that cooperatively expands or contracts in both the horizontal and vertical directions [...]

Glittering Mittens

I used LEDs as rhinestones to make mittens sparkle in response to hand motions. Using velostat, I made a resistive sensor that senses how bent or flexed the wrist is. Incorporating the sensor into the natural bending motion of the wrist, more LEDs light up the more the wearer moves the wrist, capturing and amplifying [...]

Color Changing Flower Applique

Using thermocrohmic paint, cotton, conductive thread, a switch, a battery, and some scrap fabric, I made this flower applique. This could be used as a decoration that is sewed or glued onto a variety of garments, or perhaps fastened onto a safety pin or a hair barrette.