New Textiles 2012

Final Project Proposals


Those who are in long distance relationships realize the need for a more tangible way to communicate with their special person.  I want to create a comfortable and natural way to do so. One way to make this kind of intimate communication is through the use of small, stuffed animals. I came up with this [...]

Final Project Proposal – Computation in Carnival

Trinidad & Tobago is the land of steelpan (steeldrums), calypso (soca) and limbo; and our carnival is unique. More than 29 carnivals in the United States, more than 52 in England, 7 in Canada, and 4 throughout Europe are the product of Trinidad and Tobago’s Diaspora and are now welcomed by the larger populations in [...]

Final Project Proposals

Due: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 For your final project, you’ll explore a specific set of materials, techniques, or applications in depth. You are very welcome (in fact encouraged) to work in groups. The project could take many different forms, including but not limited to: A finished garment or other structure with unique functionality, design, or [...]