New Textiles 2012

Final Project Proposals

Interactive Knitted/Felted Landscape

download proposal here

Extension Rock

My final project proposal uses the textile framework of a rocking chair. It uses 2 cnc cut parabolic rails that interlock at 1 slip joint. The project references 3 precedents: 1. The extension lines space suit with research from Deva Newman: 2: The differntiated aggregate patterning of Neri Oxman’s Beast Chair: 3: The Hardoy Butterfly [...]

laser cut lace final objects

Final Project Proposal: A professional style women’s vest with laser cut lace appliqué based on a mathematical design. The work will be an extension of the Laser Cut Lace assignment and will further the project by the creation of more Processing models and shapes fit to clothing dimensions. Project Goals: —Usable final product Durable: Lace [...]

A Waving Dress.

For my final project I am looking to create a dynamic  garment that utilizes the following techniques: Laser cutting Mixing Knit/Woven Fabrics Shape Memory Alloys My inspiriation comes from the designer Hussein Chalayan, who has used nitinol to create dynamic apparel. See video below. For my project, I would like to design a dress that utilizes these techniques [...]

Final Project Proposal : modulated screen

PROPOSAL: As a continued exploration of my studies in embedding magnets in silicone along with the experiment of casting silicone into a folded structure, I propose a screening device that is either manually controlled through physical interaction with the embedded magnets or electronically controlled through a sensor-based interaction. The actuation I hope to achieve is [...]

Tord Boontje Inspired Chandelier [UPDATED]

UPDATES: For my final project I would like to create a Tord Bootje inspired chandelier.  His beautiful work with lights have really sparked my interest and have inspired me to take on this project idea.  This will be suitable to a textile based project as I plan to computationally design and laser cut a pattern [...]

DIY Furry Robots

For my final project, I want to make an interactive toy robot. I want to illustrate how simple, expressive, and versatile a robot can be. Goal: Make a robot Ambitious goal: Make a kit where people can assemble and program their own robot Brainstorm Sketch: Potential interactions: Sounds, movement, lights, color changes Human-toy interaction, toy-toy [...]

A Garment That Breathes

For the final project, I will expand on my project from the moving textile assignment. I folded a collapsable structure with paper and used nitinol shaped like a spring to expand and collapse the structure as the current is switched on and off. The resulting motion made the paper structure look like it was breathing, [...]

Final project proposal – Electrically charged fabric

For my final project I would like to continue exploring the concept I presented in the laser cut Lace assignment -a fabric that is charged with electricity. The idea is to have a conductive fabric cut in a certain way and connected to the positive end of a battery, and underneath it another conductive fabric [...]

Final Project Proposal MDS

UPDATES ———->   progress presentation This proposal is to create a wearable silicone skin, embedded with flex sensors and pneumatic actuators. The skin would follow the contour of the body, using an origami formwork to cast the silicone rubber. The origami’s two way system would be mapped onto the body to maximize the input and output [...]