New Textiles 2012

Color Changing Textile

Color Changing Tree

For this project I used thermochromic ink and conductive thread to create a color changing tree whose trunk and branches change color and make it look like spring time is coming! The thermochromic ink requires at least 100mA of current to heat up to change the color of the ink, so given that I was using [...]

Fishing boat

The first thing I had in mind when I saw the blue color of the color changing material was water. I decided then to make a picture of a boat and fishing rod, and use the battery, wire and battery PCB as part of the drawing. The Idea was to stitch the conductive thread in [...]

Color Changing Textile

YellowGreen Tree This project consists of a circuit made with stainless steel yarn. The Yarn is threaded through the fabric to form the silhouette of a tree and the fabric is then painted green, using blue thermochromic paint, yellow acrylic and fabric medium. When The circuit is completed and the yarn heats up, the blue disappears [...]

Checks to Stripes.

We all know that todays lastest fashion is tomorrow’s vintage. In order to address this fact, I have designed a color changing textile that allows for the transition from checks to strips by the push of a button…

Color Changing Flower Applique

Using thermocrohmic paint, cotton, conductive thread, a switch, a battery, and some scrap fabric, I made this flower applique. This could be used as a decoration that is sewed or glued onto a variety of garments, or perhaps fastened onto a safety pin or a hair barrette.

Color Changing Textile

Due: Tuesday, February 14, 2011 Construct a color changing textile