New Textiles 2012


For the color changing assignment, I wanted to explore how thermochromatic ink can help reveal emotions. I first sketched some facial expressions that could be represented using threads. Then I used a paper box to represent the face. I then sew the facial feature onto the fabric and the box Here are the results: cold [...]

4-channel color changing textile

For this project, I added some computation to attempt to gain more precise control over the color changing qualities of the textile. I used several n-mosfets and a lilypad microcontroller to control varying sections of the circuit programmatically. A mosfet is a transistor that can be used for switching electronic signals- essentially a voltage controlled gate. [...]

Color Changing MIT MechE

I first tried to make a color changing sunrise, pictured below. It did not work well because the blue color changing paint was not dense enough to completely cover the orange and yellow sunrise. The thick blue layer also needs significantly more heat to disappear then the single Li-Po battery can supply so it only really works [...]

Color Changing Pleats

The capacity for fabric to change color is an exciting opportunity to articulate select surfaces of a constructed piece of material. What has already been materially manipulated via sewing techniques can be further enhanced by the “magic effect” of thermochromic ink and heated thread.

Color Changing Textile_Cardio Couture

CARDIO COUTURE Circuit Description: This project is a proposal for a reactive wearable. A Hug pushes a button to run current through a circuit heating the contour of a heart on the breast pocket of a shirt. (2) Traces: Battery to Swtich =12.2 (m)ohms Switch to Battery = 8.9 (m)ohms Total Resistance = 21.1 (m)ohms [...]

Color Changing Textile – skipping stones

Completed small swatch of color changing textile activated by 4V battery. Here’s a short video of the color changing in action. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ::process:: materials: non-conductive fabric (cotton) conductive stainless steel thread 3.7V lithium polymer battery switch thermochromatic ink I wanted to create a small pattern of beach pebbles in different colors. The conductive thread stitches [...]

Resistive Sensor Assignment Arduino Code

int sensorPin = A5;

electroWave || color changing sleeve

For this project I created a sleeve that changes color in the pattern of an electrical wave when a voltage is applied. The idea for the pattern came from a cartoon-y vision I have of a beam of electricity passing through the body. The first step is to estimate the amount of current that will [...]

color changing textile – WUT.

Color Changing Textile using thermochromic ink

This week our assignment was to: Construct a color changing textile using: white cotton fabric, thermochromic ink, stainless steel thread, a switch, and a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. I have illustrated the tools and the process I went through in the following drawings and images…