Color Changing Textile_Cardio Couture

by nwp


Circuit Description:

This project is a proposal for a reactive wearable. A Hug pushes a button to run current through a circuit heating the contour of a heart on the breast pocket of a shirt.

(2) Traces:
Battery to Swtich =12.2 (m)ohms
Switch to Battery = 8.9 (m)ohms
Total Resistance = 21.1 (m)ohms

(1) Battery: 3.69 Volts

Ohms Law: I=V/R = 3.69Volts/21.1 (m)ohms = 174.9 ampere

Actual Current using MicroMeter: 121-148.2 ampere

Here are some photos:

For the Thermo Paint mixture I used blue and cut it with non thermo red to make a purple. When the current (or any heat) activates the pigment, the blue turns clear and reveals a pure red. It turned out to be extremely close to blood which I suppose is relevant for the concept. Here is the video.


Video link does not seem to be working at the moment.

I think it could make a fun line of hypercolor details for men’s fashion for the future and will work on refining the stitch pattern and insulation of the circuit to isolate the contour I want to change.

Happy Valentines Day.