New Textiles 2012


This project takes on the function of the elbow patch on a typical mens sport or hunting jacket as a bend mechanism. The ROBO-CUFF can be programmed to heighten the intensity of light or blink with increase elbow bend, or less, depending on the adverse effect of the bent arm gesture the wearer desires to [...]


I love felting – all you need to create a tight fabric of felt is roving wool, hot water, and soap (and a lot of rubbing). When I saw a felted pompom pressure sensor during class, I was excited at the possibility of felting my own sensor. But Arduino coding was quite new to me. I [...]

Eco-flex Resistor

(Eco)Flex Resistor In this project I attempted to fabricate my own silicone rubber flex resistor. Mixing different concentrations of carbon fibers and graphite powder into a Platunim Cure Silicone Rubber I was able to make a soft resistor that would change its Resistance according to bending and/or pressure applied to it. Tested concentrations Carbon fiber: 2.5 phr [...]

Soft FSR Sensor

VIEW THE VIDEO HERE: For this project, I reverse engineered a simple traditional FSR resistive sensor in order to make it larger and textile based. The FSR sensors that are commercially made are very similar to the versions we were making in class, with a few slight variations. They essentially consist of two interlaced but separate circuit traces, a spacer [...]


1. For this project, I wanted to build an interactive dinosaur. The dinosaur will light up when you hold his hand. 2. I first laser-cut 6 pieces of wood to make the dino’s body 3. Then I glued all the parts together 4. Then I am made the “skin” of the dino out of felt [...]

A Biking Mitten

I recently lost one of my favorite mittens and the remaining mitten was crying out for attention… Lonely mitten: My hands get super cold when biking, which is why I used to turn to this pair of mittens to keep my fingers happy. But with one mitten lost and this assignment in mind, I decided [...]

Pressure Sensing Glove

The goal of the project is to create a pressure sensing glove to find the force used when blowing glass to help design glass tools. The most important glass blowing tool are jacks, which are pictured below. Jacks are extremely expensive ranging from $250 to $2000 because they are hand made in low volumes. Thinner blades [...]

Shape Changing Textile

Due: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 For this assignment you will create a shape-changing textile, controlled by an Arduino.

Programmed Puppet

For my resistive sensor project I hand sewed a puppet that contains a velostat bend sensor in its mouth and links to the LilyPad Arduino board, so that when it opens and closes its mouth it controls the pattern in which 3 LED lights light up on its body.  My puppet also has hair on [...]

gamer’s glove

A glove that can be programmed to respond differently to touch can be wonderful for games. If you have ever played the game “Red Light, Green Light” you’ll know that having something visual during the game play can help the process go smoother and add another element of fun and creativity to the game. Similarly, [...]