by nwp

This project takes on the function of the elbow patch on a typical mens sport or hunting jacket as a bend mechanism. The ROBO-CUFF can be programmed to heighten the intensity of light or blink with increase elbow bend, or less, depending on the adverse effect of the bent arm gesture the wearer desires to produce.

I used three sheets of velo-stat, a second hand lunch jacket, 1/4″ green felt, 4 LEDs, 1 lillypad, conductive thread, 6 buttons, and a spool of rainbow thread. The result is a spring wear jacket that can enliven a lecture, conduct an orchestra, or be the live of a late night faculty dance party.

The Sensor changes from 400 Ohms, to 200 Ohms, to 80 Ohms, designating the degrees of flexure. More nuanced designs can be produced for custom elbow use.

Here is the Video of its Debut: