New Textiles 2012

Voronoi Diagram Tutorial

A voronoi diagram is a planar graph that has unique properties.The diagram consists of the partitioning of a plane with  points into convex polygons such that each polygon contains exactly generating point and every point in a given polygon is closer to its generating point than to any other. Voronoi diagrams are very efficient ways [...]

Manipulate a Drawn Shape Code

Code that you can use to manipulate a vector image. The image must be in the .svg format (here it’s called shape.svg) and should be in the same folder as the code. import processing.pdf.*; PShape s; void setup() { s = loadShape(“shape.svg”); size(500, 500); //set the size of the window (& the pdf document) smooth(); [...]

experiments with latex and silicone casting

For this week’s assignment I decided to try out several experiments with the latex and silicone as tools for making non woven textiles. The first thing I made is a simple rectangular piece with an LED embedded inside. I used conductive tape for the two ends of the LED and cast it inside the silicone. [...]