New Textiles 2012


Inspiration: The computational design patterns reminded me of shadow puppets that are popular in Asia. Traditional shadow puppets are made out of cow hide. I wanted to recreate this using plastic and computational design. I used a adjusted a Voronoi code. You can download it here

Image Based Circle Packing

In studio this semester (with Yihyun), we’re working with spherical water tanks and part of our concept has been to consider packing spheres into the volume of our site. We’ve been doing “manual” sphere packing with a physical model rather than writing code, but we have been using some code to generate two dimensional diagrams [...]

Knitting Machine Sign-Ups

Sign up for a time to attend a knitting machine tutorial as well as times to use the knitting machine on Friday 3/23, Friday 4/6, and Monday 4/9. Note: additional days TBA. Access the spreadsheet here.

laser cut lace – delauney on voronoi

This assignment took different point clouds to generate voronoi and delauney diagrams. These diagrams were then given a local offset, relative to the size of the cell, to generate a changing thickness. Finally since the voronoi diagram and the delauney diagram are inversions of each other, diagrams made from the same point cloud can be [...]

Shape changing textile – paper slug

For this assignment I decided to use paper as a textile, and nitinol wire as an actuator. Using origami techniques I created a pleated cylinder, that would compress and decompress as syncopated spurts of current were allowed to move through the different lengths of nitinol wire threaded through the structure.

Rose Voronoi and Lorenz Attractor Designs

I made paper lace using a Voronoi diagram generated with a polar rose and a 2D graph of a Lorenz Attractor. The polar rose is a the forms generated by the equation r= a*cos(theta*n/d) and results in the possible forms shown below (from Wikipedia). I chose this equation because it produces a large range of [...]

Voronoi Leather Belt

For my Laser Cut Lace project, I decided to laser cut a spiral and grid vornoi diagram into a leather belt .  I first produced the spiral pattern using the Processing programming language. I modified some preexisting code so that I had multiple spirals and their size, shape and position varied.  I produced the following [...]

Starfish – lasercut lace

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For this assignment, I used Grasshopper (plug-in for Rhino3D) circle packing script to generate different patterns for laser-cut lace. Instead of packing circles completely on a given surface, I decided to use multiple attractor points to define starting points of circle packing. Below image shows a screenshot of Grasshopper interface and also a 3D [...]

Flexible surface and conductive surface

This week I make two projects and also did experiments with the voronoi code. all is here: 1.The code for making a beehive This is the basic code, from this code it is possible to create spiral, circular and other patterns: /*This example illustrates a simple method to generate a set of deliberately placed points [...]

voronoi flower

This week I explored the creative process of creating voronois through code and materiality. I created several patterns through using the Fortune’s Algorithm, which essentially sweeps a line across a place of points and draws parabolas between the points. A parabola is equidistant from one of the points, and the place that the parabolas intersect [...]