New Textiles 2012

A Dress that Breathes

As a continuation of my project from the moving textile assignment, I made a dress with fabric origami panels that are actuated by nitinol shape memory wire. The repetitive contracting and expanding motion of the panels is reminiscent of breathing. The panels are made in a pair to mimic anatomical lungs. I created a pattern [...]

Felted Musical Landscape

Felted Musical Landscape is a textural interactive felted 3D textile project. The tips of individual bumps are capacitive touch sensors that responds to touch and plays piano notes via Processing. This interactive piece is soft to touch and fun to interact with, as one wouldn’t expect these bumps to make sounds when squeezed or touched! [...]

Magnetically Controlled Silicone

PROPOSAL As a continued exploration of my studies in embedding magnets in silicone along with the experiment of casting silicone into a folded structure, I propose a screening device that is either manually controlled through physical interaction with the embedded magnets or electronically controlled through a sensor-based interaction. The actuation I hope to achieve is [...]

Lissajous & Prolate Code

/*This example draws voronoi diagram generated by a random set of points.*/ void setup() { size(1200,600,P3D); //size of your intended pattern noLoop(); // don’t need to use the draw loop /*unique name for your file. if left unchanged, will simply save file with current milisecond*/ String fileName= “voronoi”+millis()+”.pdf”; beginRaw(PDF, fileName); //enables you to save your [...]




My final project for the New Textiles class was inspired by the idea of telepresence, a word coined by the great Malvin Minsky. According to him, technologies are evolving to perfect the idea of telepresence, making it fit naturally in daily life. The premise for my project is simple, my loved one is moving away, [...]

Interactive Hanging LED Lamp

For my final project, I designed and built an interactive hanging lamp that changes behavior based on one’s proximity to the lamp.  The design consists of a spherical base structure made of plywood, LED lights, flower-shaped cutouts made of mylar, a proximity sensor, and an Arduino board.   The lights are programmed so that when [...]

A Subtly Waving Dress.

For my final project, I decided to combine two concepts learned in class. The first was utilizing the laser cutting machine to cut a textile in a vornoi design. The second was integrating shape memory alloys (nitinol) into my garment to make it have a “live” component to it. To that end, I decided to [...]

Ruled Surfaces & String Sculptures

For my Final Project for New Textiles 2012, I did a series of with string sculptures and made a structure in which they can be created, then removed and reused.