Bunny Ears

by fqiu

Easter is right around the corner! Bunny Ears bring a paper bunny to life as it wiggles and moves its ears.

1. Cut out the bunny shaped template pictured below. You can download the pdf version at the bottom of this post.

2. Use conductive tape, flexinol, mosfet to outline the circuitry depicted below. Use threat to secure the flexible around the ears area. Also put snaps on the paper to make space for the lilypad.

Note: make sure the flexinol is sown snugly on the ears

Note: make sure all the connection point on of the copper tape are secure, use a multimeter tocheck conductivity.

Note: this is how the front of the bunny looks. make sure all connection points are secure.

3. Program the arduino board and snap on the bunny, assemble the bunny in shape

Bunny Ear in action





V = 3.7V

R predicted =appx 9 Ohms

R of circuit = 3.7 Ohms

I need 5 Ohms more -> add 5 more 1 Ohm resistors.