New Textiles 2012


Clipping Mask Removal

Once you execute your code, it will save a pdf of your design to the corresponding sketch folder in your Processing directory. At this point, you will need to modify your design a bit in adobe illustrator to prep it for the laser cutter. These steps are as follows: 1. Open the pdf in illustrator 2. Right [...]

A Dress that Breathes

As a continuation of my project from the moving textile assignment, I made a dress with fabric origami panels that are actuated by nitinol shape memory wire. The repetitive contracting and expanding motion of the panels is reminiscent of breathing. The panels are made in a pair to mimic anatomical lungs. I created a pattern [...]

Lissajous & Prolate Code

/*This example draws voronoi diagram generated by a random set of points.*/ void setup() { size(1200,600,P3D); //size of your intended pattern noLoop(); // don’t need to use the draw loop /*unique name for your file. if left unchanged, will simply save file with current milisecond*/ String fileName= “voronoi”+millis()+”.pdf”; beginRaw(PDF, fileName); //enables you to save your [...]



A Subtly Waving Dress.

For my final project, I decided to combine two concepts learned in class. The first was utilizing the laser cutting machine to cut a textile in a vornoi design. The second was integrating shape memory alloys (nitinol) into my garment to make it have a “live” component to it. To that end, I decided to [...]

Final Project Update – Furry Robots

I am a little behind on my project compared to my original timeline. Here is what I have accomplished so far: I have created a mock-up of what the toy robot will look like: I then structured how the inside of the elephant will look so the ears can be moved by a servo motor [...]

Light Fixture – Project Update

For my project so far I went through a few different phases of deciding what the shape of my hanging light fixture/chandelier would look like. I experimented with hanging small flowers made from coffee filters to a small piece of cardboard using some conductive thread and LEDs as a test. I wanted  to see what [...]

Extension Rock_Update

The first iteration of the Extension Rock was completed with 2 100′ lengths of Nylon Braided roap. The weaving pattern was a standard underover warp and weft procuding what some call the Bumble Bee Cover. At first, the weave was extremely taught and didn’t allow for the desired ergonomic depression depression. After we had some [...]

Project Update

My plan is to make a dress with fabric origami panels that will be actuated with nitinol to create the illusion of breathing. I will make two panels for the front of the bodice of the dress. To add to the theme of respiration, I will add laser cut voronoi lace to the skirt of [...]


Koi-nobori means “koi rising” in Japanese. They are koi-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, also known as Children’s Day. From April to early May, landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori. Since it is spring time, I thought it would be a cool project to make my own koinobori, [...]