by bijal

This week, since I had never caste silicon, I decided to focus my project on learning the basics of casting. However, as with all of my projects, I wanted to ensure that there was seme functional purpose to me efforts.

Introducing the Walicon — A Wallet Made of Silicon. In addition to making a function piece, I also wanted to better understand several key things:

  1. Whether or not it was possible to stitch into silicon
  2. How paper and ink would react to silicon
  3. How fabric and silicon could be utilized together in a stylistic way

Therefore in order to meet these objectives I ensure that I not only had silicon agents, but also fabric, a sewing machine, and a paper printed with the words Lallitara.

Key steps:

  1. I started by first printing the Lallitara logo
  2. I then created a model using legos in which I then poured the silicon mixtures. I ensure that the at the bottom of the mold, I had placed the lallitara logo
  3. I then utilized the sewing machine to create the final product