Some experimants

by Yoav

Thermochromatic Grid

I colored thread with thermochromatic ink (just dipped it in a cup with some liquid color). After it dried I used the bumps of the Lego bricks of the walls of the mold to create a grid with two layers of thread. The original idea was to put current on the tread but the tread wasn’t conductive enough, and I couldn’t get current with the power supply. I used the heat gun instead, and after few minuted of blowing hot air the threads “disappeared” completely. The silicone kept the heat inside for a long time (about 15 minutes), before the treads was visible again.

Before Heating the piece

After Heating the piece

Beads Casting
I made some experiments with casting over beads to discover what will be the flexibility, attributes, and texture of the surfaces.
1. surface with beads:

2. Surface with beads removed after the casting:

color dipping
I wanted to try making bubbles of color in the silicone right after I pour it into the mold.
I wanted to use a syringe, but the viscosity of the silicone was to strong, so it didn’t work.
I did manage to create this interesting drawing.