Starry Night

by fqiu

One of my favorite painting is Van Gogh’s Starry Night as evidenced through the pictures below.

I wanted to recreate an abstract version of this painting using silicon and optic fibers. I first built a molt using Legos, I left holes where fiber optics should go. I then cut up several fiber optics pieces and scored cuts and holes.

After inserting the fiber optics into the Lego, I poured yellow and blue silicon over the fiber optics. Here’s the final product:

I then tested out how the fiber optics looked using a LED.


Rooms for improvements:

I really liked how the project looked, if I had more time, I would’ve made another one where the painting part could be less abstract and resemble the real painting more. I could also be more strategic in terms of where I put the fiber optics. I think the effects would’ve been better if I concentrated the fiber optics more and scorched more.