by bijal

A Bracelet Inspired by Lace = Lacelet.

This week, I had the fortune of learning many new things, including how to use a lasercutter! It was awesome. As part of learning to use a lasercutter, I not only coded my first vornoid diagram (more details here - but I also made my first bracelet using canvas fabric and felt.

I have provided code for the diagrams I created at the bottom of this post. But before that, check out my work!

First, I decided to just test the laser cutter and its level of precision. To do this, I generated a complicated vornoid diagram, with thin lines to make a sort-of-lace.

As you can see, the lines were a bit too thin and the lace structure started to come apart.

Then, I decided to reduce the complexity of the vornoid diagram and make two yin and yang type bracelets. I first generated the following vornoid diagrams:

I then cleaned up the diagrams in Adobe Illustrator before before printing on the canvas fabric (which was backed by double sided fusible) The end result was this:

I then decided to reduce the scale of these outputs to make lacelets that could be utilized as accesories. My final products (fused to felt) are shown below.

There are many cool things you can do with a laser cutter. I look forward to spending more time using lasercutting as an option.