Final project proposal – Electrically charged fabric

by Yoav

For my final project I would like to continue exploring the concept I presented in the laser cut Lace assignment -a fabric that is charged with electricity.

The idea is to have a conductive fabric cut in a certain way and connected to the positive end of a battery, and underneath it another conductive fabric that is connected to negative end of the battery.
The fabric is cut on the laser cuter and glued together with a hot glue sheet.
Then electricity consumer devices can be activated only by laying it on the fabric.

Previous Work/inspiration/related:

What I would like to do:

I would like to explore some form factors of this concept and the techniques for producing it.
The final piece will be a tablecloth, charged with electricity, that will allow the users to put or clip small electronic devices. for example, the tableware can have embed electronics and can light or beep according to what is going on the table. The plates can be heated, the salt shaker can beep when it needs refill, transparent drinking glasses can light up in different colors for identification…

Another option is to make a garment or wearable object and have small accessories clipping on it end using the electricity in it.