by bijal

Are you new to yoga? If so, do you ever wonder if you are actually doing the poses right? Well to help guide you a bit better, I have prototyped a yogamat that contains sensors to help tell you whether or not your weight is balanced.

In order to make this, I first started by making two velostat based sensors utilizing Velostat, tape, 100% stainless steal conductive thread, felt, and black thread. After making the sensor, I inserted it between two layers of felt to make a sensor pocket.

I then wired together a string of LEDs and programmed an Arduino to control the LEDs.

I then placed the LEDs and sensors on an existing yogamat.  I also took some measurements to ensure that there would be no issues once I did the final test, including:

activated unactivated
resistance 1 kΩ 55kΩ
excpted voltage 0.343 V 3.1V
measured voltage 0.29V 2.9V

I was ready to test my balance. In particular the LEDs would light up depending on which sensor was pressed

1) Left Sensor  - First LED would light up

2) Second Sensor – Second LED would light up

3) Both Sensors (with similar pressure ) – the lights would light up in sequence as if you had won a game.