Tord Boontje Inspired Chandelier [UPDATED]

by gracie15


For my final project I would like to create a Tord Bootje inspired chandelier.  His beautiful work with lights have really sparked my interest and have inspired me to take on this project idea.  This will be suitable to a textile based project as I plan to computationally design and laser cut a pattern that will cover the main body of the chandelier. I am considering using either card stock paper, linen fabric or similar material for the pattern and I then plan to line the chandelier with LED lights that will be programmed with the LilyPad Arduino.   Here are a couple of examples of Boontje’s work that have inspired me. I’d like to incorporate color in my design as well. This can either be in the form of different colored lights or different colors of material.

Here is a brief timeline for my planned work:

April 11th – 18th: Research materials, computational patterns, and plan out construction of chandelier

April 18th – May 2st: Generate computational pattern using processing, test on the laser cutter, and find out how much material I will need.

May 2nd –  16th: Start and finish construction of chandelier, begin inserting lights.

May 16th – 22nd:   Program the lights using the Arduino and document process.



For my final presentation I want to combine concepts I have learned from various projects, specifically the computational design assignment, the color changing textile assignment and using the LilyPad Aruduino to program the behavior of lights.

For my project I would like to program a clock that you can hang on a wall that has different behavior based on the time of day. For the base of the clock I would like to create a lace pattern using Processing and then either etch or laser cut this on wood.  I will then attach conductive materials to this so that I can put LED lights on it to represent each minute (or hour) on the clock or paint this on using thermochromic ink. The lights will be attached to the LilyPad Arduino so that I can control when the lights turn on.  The clock will display the correct time through the lights but will also change color depending on if it is daytime or night time.  (e.g. yellow for daytime, blue for nighttime).

Link to Presentation: FinalPresentationProposal_GracieElqura