Final Project Proposal : modulated screen

by daniela


As a continued exploration of my studies in embedding magnets in silicone along with the experiment of casting silicone into a folded structure, I propose a screening device that is either manually controlled through physical interaction with the embedded magnets or electronically controlled through a sensor-based interaction.

The actuation I hope to achieve is one that controls the opening of the slits created by the depth (and angle) of the original valley of the folded mold and the amount of silicone on the crease of the ridge. I can experiment with both the type of fold for the mold and the extent to which the structure is folded or unfolded when I cast into it. Another source of inspiration is the paper packaging material that achieves material properties beyond standard sheet material by a pattern of slits that allow the paper to expand and create a more flexible and protective barrier for whatever you are packaging (the stretched state resembles a honeycomb pattern).

The main application I envision for this screening device would be an alternative to traditional curtains and blinds. This system would allow for diffuse light through the silicone and more precise control of the open and closed states through the individual or group control of the apertures. Beyond an application on windows, the system could also be envisioned as a freestanding piece that functions as a variable screen between spaces that also has the ability to precisely control its apertures and allow diffuse light through.