Embroidery or 3d printed textile

by buechley

Due: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You have three weeks to complete this assignment and you have two different options:

Option 1: Embroidery
Write a program, or modify an existing program, to create a two dimensional pattern and use the embroidery machine to apply your pattern to a textile OR design and embroider an interactive circuit (using conductive thread) that incorporates the LilyPad.

Option 2: 3D Printed Textile
Design and 3d print a textile structure. You can either print the textile on a machine at MIT (if you have access to one), or order a print from a service like Shapeways

Create a post that documents your project and add it to the the Embroidery/3d print category. Your page should include:

  • a paragraph or two describing your project
  • pictures of your work in progress
  • at least one picture of your completed project
  • If relevant: the code that generated your design
  • If relevant: a video of your interactive project
  • If relevant: a rendering of your 3d textile model

Bring your project to class on the 1st for demos!

Additional resources
Embroidery Machine Sign-Up Sheet
HLT’s Embroidery tutorial
Page with a tutorial on textile modeling in grasshopper
“The Primary Structures of Fabrics” book
Download a trial version of Illustrator here
Sample Code from the Laser Cut Lace Assignment (under Lecture Notes)

For inspiration
Laura Splan’s Embroidered Viruses
Embroidered Surgical Implants by Ellis Developments Ltd.
Open Source Embroidery Exhibition(s)
Examples of 3d printed fabrics on Shapeways
Freedom of Creation
Continuum Fashion