New Textiles 2012

Interactive Knitted/Felted Landscape

download proposal here

Extension Rock

My final project proposal uses the textile framework of a rocking chair. It uses 2 cnc cut parabolic rails that interlock at 1 slip joint. The project references 3 precedents: 1. The extension lines space suit with research from Deva Newman: 2: The differntiated aggregate patterning of Neri Oxman’s Beast Chair: 3: The Hardoy Butterfly [...]

Cast Knitting

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 This project uses knitting as a soft structure, that is given form then hardened. The knitting is done usung a circular knitting machine, tightened at both ends to make a small knit pouch. A small balloon is then inserted and inflated inside this pouch. This makes the knit fabric taught and [...]

Mystery of Good Friday

I gained access to the knitting machine on Good Friday and had exactly 45 minutes to produce my knit piece. I used the fine knit machine and pulled 20 needles. After not lowering the brush wheels for the first two passes, I was off. I used a purple and white and alternated based on intuition. [...]

Topological Knitting

I was fascinated by creating 3D knit structures with interesting topologies on a knitting machine, and wanted to see if I could create 3D structures by hand. Most hand knitting that I have done creates surfaces with some texture, but not with 3D protrusions. Here, I have experimented with a few techniques. With the knitting [...]

Knitting Assignment

This week our assignment was to: create two knit pieces, one by following an existing pattern and one by developing your own pattern.

Knitting a Tuck Pattern Texture

All knitting done on the fine gauge machine: PART 1: Attempt 1: Botched the cast-off But the knit was pretty nice. Attempt 2: Experimenting with a different yarn, trying to find a good tension… I found that less tension (around 7) worked better for this particular yarn. I was almost successful, but dropped a stitch [...]

Almost fish

The knitting assignment is without a doubt the most frustrating one for me. I had so much trouble operating the machine. I spent most of the time trying to cast on, but i just couldn’t do it right. I lost needles almost every time. I think I got it right about 5 times out of [...]

Terrain – knitted landscape

Knitting with knitting machine! I was excited to start this assignment, especially after seeing a sample of a 3d knitted fabric. The first part of the assignment was to make a swatch following the pattern below: Cast on 20 needles. Knit 10 rows. Carriage should be on right side. Make sure carriage is in the [...]

Embroidery or 3d printed textile

Due: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 You have three weeks to complete this assignment and you have two different options: Option 1: Embroidery Write a program, or modify an existing program, to create a two dimensional pattern and use the embroidery machine to apply your pattern to a textile OR design and embroider an interactive circuit [...]