New Textiles 2012

Animated Paper

My final project explores the idea of creating live physical and tangible animation that can be programmed and interactive. Robots do that in a way but they are massive, loud, and very technical in their look and feel. I am using paper and Ni-chrome wire that give a quite, unexpected and biological like motion and [...]

Paper Locomotion

Hello! I am thinking of changing my project (but I am not sure yet), so I was doing some experiments and models. First, I tried to cast silicone over Nintanol. I laser cut acryl to make the mold and casted silicone over the components. as you can see, nothing happened The next thing I was [...]

Snap your shirt

For the 3D textile assignment I wanted to use the new MakerBot Replicator 3D printer that we just got for our research group. This machine can print with two colors so there is great potential of printing patterns with colors. The challenge is to design a 3D printed textile without support material (actually there is [...]

Almost fish

The knitting assignment is without a doubt the most frustrating one for me. I had so much trouble operating the machine. I spent most of the time trying to cast on, but i just couldn’t do it right. I lost needles almost every time. I think I got it right about 5 times out of [...]

Final project proposal – Electrically charged fabric

For my final project I would like to continue exploring the concept I presented in the laser cut Lace assignment -a fabric that is charged with electricity. The idea is to have a conductive fabric cut in a certain way and connected to the positive end of a battery, and underneath it another conductive fabric [...]

Flexible surface and conductive surface

This week I make two projects and also did experiments with the voronoi code. all is here: 1.The code for making a beehive This is the basic code, from this code it is possible to create spiral, circular and other patterns: /*This example illustrates a simple method to generate a set of deliberately placed points [...]

Some experimants

Thermochromatic Grid I colored thread with thermochromatic ink (just dipped it in a cup with some liquid color). After it dried I used the bumps of the Lego bricks of the walls of the mold to create a grid with two layers of thread. The original idea was to put current on the tread but [...]


For the shape changing textile assignment I wanted to make a walking caterpillar. I used 4 Flexinol wires and made 4 flexible arcs. The idea is to mimic the caterpillar walk by shrinking each arc at a time. I designed the shape in Solidworks in sheetmatal format so I will be able to flatten in [...]

Responsive puppet

For this week assignment I was experimenting with materials, trying to come up with my own resistor design. squishing sensor The first experiment was done with a balloon filled with salty water. According to the equation of resistivity in materials, I can change the geometry of an object and get a change in the resistivity [...]

Fishing boat

The first thing I had in mind when I saw the blue color of the color changing material was water. I decided then to make a picture of a boat and fishing rod, and use the battery, wire and battery PCB as part of the drawing. The Idea was to stitch the conductive thread in [...]