New Textiles 2012

Felted Musical Landscape

Felted Musical Landscape is a textural interactive felted 3D textile project. The tips of individual bumps are capacitive touch sensors that responds to touch and plays piano notes via Processing. This interactive piece is soft to touch and fun to interact with, as one wouldn’t expect these bumps to make sounds when squeezed or touched! [...]

Interactive Felted Landscape – process: knit + wireless sensor networking

Taking the idea of a felted 3d landscape, I decided to incorporate the capacitive sensor and wireless xbee connection to the felted piece, and use Processing to translate the received data into sound. Capacitive Sensor: Wireless Sensing: Arduino FIO + XBee Tests:

We can embroider your picture

While I was searching for pattern codes and inspiration images, I came across this line-art image (a profile “photo” of this person’s website : The dashed hatch line thickens and thins in this image, and I thought it could be a perfect embroidery patter with a mixture of lines and fills. It also seems to [...]

Interactive Knitted/Felted Landscape

download proposal here

Terrain – knitted landscape

Knitting with knitting machine! I was excited to start this assignment, especially after seeing a sample of a 3d knitted fabric. The first part of the assignment was to make a swatch following the pattern below: Cast on 20 needles. Knit 10 rows. Carriage should be on right side. Make sure carriage is in the [...]

Starfish – lasercut lace

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For this assignment, I used Grasshopper (plug-in for Rhino3D) circle packing script to generate different patterns for laser-cut lace. Instead of packing circles completely on a given surface, I decided to use multiple attractor points to define starting points of circle packing. Below image shows a screenshot of Grasshopper interface and also a 3D [...]

Felted LED plate

For the nonwoven textile project, I tested felting wool roving with aluminum wool as conductive material. In this quick test, I soldered a small LED to a crimp-beaded aluminum wool. It seems to light up and work! I liked the fact that everything can be felted into one material/surface; no need for stitching conductive thread, [...]

See-shell move

After multiple failed attempts of making other nitinol-based kinetic textile project, I tried making a small shell-shaped wearable brooch using felt and nitinol (shape changing alloy). Below are pictures of the first project I tried before moving on to the shell project. attempt 1 -pinwheel jacket The idea was to use the nitinol to pull [...]


I loveĀ felting – all you need to create a tight fabric of felt is roving wool, hot water, and soap (and a lot of rubbing). When I saw a felted pompom pressure sensor during class, I was excited at the possibility of felting my own sensor. But Arduino coding was quite new to me. I [...]

Color Changing Textile – skipping stones

Completed small swatch of color changing textile activated by 4V battery. Here’s a short video of the color changing in action. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ::process:: materials: non-conductive fabric (cotton) conductive stainless steel thread 3.7V lithium polymer battery switch thermochromatic ink I wanted to create a small pattern of beach pebbles in different colors. The conductive thread stitches [...]