New Textiles 2012

Interactive Hanging LED Lamp

For my final project, I designed and built an interactive hanging lamp that changes behavior based on one’s proximity to the lamp.  The design consists of a spherical base structure made of plywood, LED lights, flower-shaped cutouts made of mylar, a proximity sensor, and an Arduino board.   The lights are programmed so that when [...]

Light Fixture – Project Update

For my project so far I went through a few different phases of deciding what the shape of my hanging light fixture/chandelier would look like. I experimented with hanging small flowers made from coffee filters to a small piece of cardboard using some conductive thread and LEDs as a test. I wanted  to see what [...]

Embroidered Giraffe, Tree, Flowers, Voronoi

For this assignment, I chose to do an embroidery using the embroidery machine.  There were several ideas that I had so I spent a lot of time with the Processing programming language at first, coming up with a design that I wanted to embroider. My initial design that I wanted to embroider was inspired by [...]

Crimson and White Sock

For my knitting assignment, I followed the instructions for part 1 and was successfully able to create the required piece which ends up having more knitting in the middle of the piece and the structure of a mountain peak.  I had not used a knitting machine before so getting this piece right took many iterations [...]

Tord Boontje Inspired Chandelier [UPDATED]

UPDATES: For my final project I would like to create a Tord Bootje inspired chandelier.  His beautiful work with lights have really sparked my interest and have inspired me to take on this project idea.  This will be suitable to a textile based project as I plan to computationally design and laser cut a pattern [...]

Voronoi Leather Belt

For my Laser Cut Lace project, I decided to laser cut a spiral and grid vornoi diagram into a leather belt .  I first produced the spiral pattern using the Processing programming language. I modified some preexisting code so that I had multiple spirals and their size, shape and position varied.  I produced the following [...]

Candied Silicone

For my nonwoven project, I wanted to play with casting solid materials in silicone, so I decided to cast different candies in the form of jewelry. At first I was not sure what kind of reaction silicone would have to sugars but it turned out that the silicone cured well around the sugary delectables. I chose [...]

Flying Kites

For my shape changing textile assignment I wanted to play with not only shape but also exposing layers/color and programmed movement.  I created two blocks of color overlayed on top of two additional pieces of felt so that when they would lift up, they would expose a new color. They also seemed to resemble kites [...]

Programmed Puppet

For my resistive sensor project I hand sewed a puppet that contains a velostat bend sensor in its mouth and links to the LilyPad Arduino board, so that when it opens and closes its mouth it controls the pattern in which 3 LED lights light up on its body.  My puppet also has hair on [...]

Color Changing Tree

For this project I used thermochromic ink and conductive thread to create a color changing tree whose trunk and branches change color and make it look like spring time is coming! The thermochromic ink requires at least 100mA of current to heat up to change the color of the ink, so given that I was using [...]