New Textiles 2012

Resistive Sensor

Responsive puppet

For this week assignment I was experimenting with materials, trying to come up with my own resistor design. squishing sensor The first experiment was done with a balloon filled with salty water. According to the equation of resistivity in materials, I can change the geometry of an object and get a change in the resistivity [...]


Are you new to yoga? If so, do you ever wonder if you are actually doing the poses right? Well to help guide you a bit better, I have prototyped a yogamat that contains sensors to help tell you whether or not your weight is balanced. In order to make this, I first started by [...]

Glittering Mittens

I used LEDs as rhinestones to make mittens sparkle in response to hand motions. Using velostat, I made a resistive sensor that senses how bent or flexed the wrist is. Incorporating the sensor into the natural bending motion of the wrist, more LEDs light up the more the wearer moves the wrist, capturing and amplifying [...]

KNight Riders’ Glove…

Concept – The KNight Riders’ Glove My mode of transportation in Cambridge is the bicycle and I wanted to make something that I could use while riding. I designed a glove that riders can use as an indicator when turning (or more) when riding at night. The LEDs on my glove will **FLASH** when the [...]

Resistive Sensor Assignment Arduino Code

int sensorPin = A5;

Resistive Sensor

Due: Tuesday, February 28, 2011 For this assignment you will create a soft, flexible, textile-based sensor and embed it in an Arduino project.