New Textiles 2012

Light Fixture – Project Update

For my project so far I went through a few different phases of deciding what the shape of my hanging light fixture/chandelier would look like. I experimented with hanging small flowers made from coffee filters to a small piece of cardboard using some conductive thread and LEDs as a test. I wanted  to see what [...]

Interactive Felted Landscape – process: knit + wireless sensor networking

Taking the idea of a felted 3d landscape, I decided to incorporate the capacitive sensor and wireless xbee connection to the felted piece, and use Processing to translate the received data into sound. Capacitive Sensor: Wireless Sensing: Arduino FIO + XBee Tests:

Ruled Surfaces/ String Sculptures

Final Project Update I plan to do a string sculpture or sculptures for my final project.. Below are images of where I am thus far… I have made a 6″ x 6″ structure in which to make string sculptures, and another large one that is approx. 24″ x 12″. I have lost some photos I [...]

Magnetic Silicone Screen Update

My final project is a screen made of cast silicone that has two main properties. First, it is embedded with magnetic material, and second, its form is such there are slits where the material is very thin and the slits have the ability to open into larger apertures if the adjacent slits are pulled back. [...]

Extension Rock_Update

The first iteration of the Extension Rock was completed with 2 100′ lengths of Nylon Braided roap. The weaving pattern was a standard underover warp and weft procuding what some call the Bumble Bee Cover. At first, the weave was extremely taught and didn’t allow for the desired ergonomic depression depression. After we had some [...]

Final Project Update

Tomorrow, I will begining working on cutting the fabric for my final project. To date, I have accomplished the following: 1. Generated and modified the vornoi diagram which will be used for the upper part of the dress: 2. Created an adobe illustrator file of the scallops that will also need to be lasercut Initially [...]

[update] talking bunnies

My final project is in full swing right now. There have been many challenges toward completing this project that I’m working to overcome. At the current stage of my project, I’ve accomplished several things. 1. I am able to connect my Wiflys to the internet, and it is able to get information from websites. In [...]

Project Update

My plan is to make a dress with fabric origami panels that will be actuated with nitinol to create the illusion of breathing. I will make two panels for the front of the bodice of the dress. To add to the theme of respiration, I will add laser cut voronoi lace to the skirt of [...]