Extension Rock_Update

by nwp

The first iteration of the Extension Rock was completed with 2 100′ lengths of Nylon Braided roap. The weaving pattern was a standard underover warp and weft procuding what some call the Bumble Bee Cover. At first, the weave was extremely taught and didn’t allow for the desired ergonomic depression depression. After we had some larger people sit into it, the rope stretched into position some for a very comfortable sitting surface.

Since the chair is on two bi-directional rails it is dependent on your legs to balance. My roommate said the felt like she was floating in a pool, as though she was boyant. Others tried multiple ways of sitting in it pushing the limits as to how it can be used. Shown below are we show perpendular and diagonal.

Next I plan on using cotton rope to weave different patterns like this which is commonly used for wicker
For the final iteration I plan to weave a 100′ extension cord warp for a plug-in chair and an ethernet cable weft for internet access.